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Pics and Praise

When I needed to downsize my photography studio and move to my basement, Jo the Clutter Buster was a very welcome ally. We designed the new space, interviewed storage facilities, and decided what could be given or thrown away. Then she prodded, directed and used her truck as we reduced the amount of stuff to move. In six weeks, I had moved and re-established my business. Jo was invaluable.

-Harriet Wise

If you need a brilliant strategist, a strong worker with a truck, a person who really listens to your needs and helps you every step of the way, you're looking for Jo the Clutter Buster. She's truly a miracle woman!

  I have been thanking you in my mind since we are in the midst of a serious clutter busting in my office and the studio. I hear you cheering me on - throw it out! Let it go! Etc. The one time you spent brainstorming with me in my office was very helpful and I thank you! It is now a spacious, clean and clear place for me to work and I love it!


Jo not only helped my husband and me sort through 42 years of clutter, but even made it seem like an adventure. She's the best!
Jo the Clutterbuster was very effective in helping us organize and move out of a house that we had occupied for 20 years. She helped us arrange and display our furniture for our open house - which resulted in our receiving full value.

 She also used her clutter buster skills to help us organize, pack and move from our house.

 Jo is an energetic, hard working and highly capable professional that gives you full value for your money.


Jo's impressive energy and keen organizational skills turn a home into a saleable listing. My happy clients are proof.

Patricia Vucich
RE/MAX Realty Services
  Jo came to us as a clutter buster and became a trusted guide and friend as she helped us downsize from a large home with a packed attic and outbuildings to an apartment in a retirement community. After my husband's death, she led me through the legal and financial morass that ensued and never wavered from her mission. I highly recommend her.
You bring light to the world.

Jo's skills were very much needed for our new blended family. Not only were two established homes combined, which had very different systems for ''organizing'', I was also trying to get a home-based business started. Jo spent time assessing our needs and desires, so we could better understand what we both needed to do and what specific changes needed to be made.

The house runs more smoothly now, things are found more easily, and the office looks like an office, rather than a kids bedroom / storage locker. And we did not have to go out and spend a ton of money on storage or remodeling. We purged tons of old papers and clutter. This freed up the existing space and file cabinets for active paper processing, and gave us sacred table space for projects. It also opened up another area of communication for us as newlyweds. We are less defensive when we gently remind each other to put things where they belong.

-TL and DL

Jo, The Clutter Buster, doesn't just 'bust up' your clutter, she teaches you to manage your 'stuff'. Not only does she take care of your clutter, Jo sets up a system and teaches you to use it. I highly recommend her services. Jo will partner with you in taking care of your clutter for good!

-Jo Ann Lucero
Leadership and Executive Coaching

  Jo the Clutter Buster provides a great service. We were so satisfied that it's hard to pick out the best, but here goes:
  • Total service. Jo helps you de-clutter, organize and pare down. But she also hauls the unwanted ''stuff'' away, itemizes it, takes it to different charitable organizations and gets the receipts for taxes.
  • Jo forces you to take a good, hard look in deciding to keep or share with the less fortunate.
  • Jo has a systems approach. For example, in re-organizing my clothes closet, she encouraged me to think about how I dressed. So for the first time in my life, my closet was organized in a sensible way.
  • To accomplish these goals, Jo actually has tools. So if a shelf needs moving, she does it. It suits my style to work with someone who operates effectively and quickly.

Jo is lovely to work with. She's smart, interesting and has values I found easy to relate to. She's fantastic at what she does and provides a public service as well.


If you want a miracle worker, Jo's the gal for you! She's absolutely amazing. She can do the work of two people, zero in on priorities, cut through obstacles and make it all seem exhilarating.
I had decided to retire, take a cross country trip, sell my home and move into a community...Jo the Clutterbuster planned each transitional phase:

We decluttered my home, restructured my wardrobe, arranged for movers, storage for my furnishings and household goods; packed all I needed for my cross country trek and even arranged for the gardeners who cared for the yard while the house was up for sale. She was more than a clutterbuster...she was a life manager.


Following the death of a family member, Jo the Clutterbuster helped us to sort, organize, and dispose of the household goods and personal affects. Her decision-making process enabled us to retain those items that would have meaning to us in the future and to donate those items that could benefit others.

  Collaboration is a hallmark of what makes Jo unique. She knows the ''whys'' as well as the''how'' of helping us become clear on our use of space. Adding this to her collaboration skills has made every project enjoyable.

Every area of the house where Jo has helped us has stood the test of time. We continue to think ''Jo'' when clutter begins to grow again. She rocks!

I'm sure that service provided by The Clutter Buster was instrumental in the successful sale of our home--which sold in 7 days. Jo Israelson's guidance on how to de-clutter and enhance our home's appeal to potential buyers was spot on. Her organizational services made the move into our new home less stressful and worry free...we got rid of unnecessary clutter before the move and were already organized when we moved into our new space. I can't say enough about how much easier she made our family's life.

Jo Israelson is our favorite all time clutter buster! Having worked with several over the years, Jo excels in every area both my husband and I needed support in. We started reorganizing my home office, updated the use of space and refined the paper management system. We organized the storage of all our financial records, outdoor equipment, wood shop and more.  



I hired Jo to re-organize and remove clutter from my sculpture studio.  She is amazingly organized and thorough.  She finds out what your goals are, and you start by making a written plan together.  During the process, she gives you homework based on the plan, so that you do tasks that you don't need help with, and thereby reduce your costs.

She is great, not only at helping you get rid of your unwanted stuff, but in re-designing your work space.  She respects the objects you value, whether it is your art or tools or the junk you want to keep.