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About Jo

Who Is Jo the Clutter Buster?

Suspended from nursery school at the age of 4 for organizing the nap cots when everyone was at recess, Jo the Clutterbuster combines a myriad of skills, knowledge, and techniques to meet your unique personal or professional organizing needs.

Since 1996, Jo Israelson aka Jo the Clutter Buster has been combining her expertise as a trainer, special education teacher, systems re-engineering specialist, strategic planner, conflict mediator and site specific sculptor to help others manage 'the clutter' that frequently overwhelms their lives.

Jo's emphasis on 'making space' for what's important reflects her belief that clutter often prevents us from achieving personal, spiritual and/or professional goals.

With her specialized organizing process, Jo the Clutterbuster creates custom-tailored plans that help to:

  • manage moves for individuals, families, seniors
  • organize life events such as remodeling or downsizing
  • coach children on de-cluttering their rooms
  • and design clutter management systems

Jo maintains: ''Once your intentions are clear and you make space for what is really important, you can achieve any goal: serenity, love, a new job, the sale of your home - seemingly effortlessly.'' Let Jo the Clutterbuster help you make space for what's important - starting TODAY